Fire Risk Assessments

The Fire Safety Order (FSO) 2005 makes business owners, and those responsible for business premises, ultimately responsible for risk-assessing and making safe their places of work. This can be a daunting task.

At Agility we assist duty holders by completing their fire risk assessments, referring to the latest guidance issued by the government.

We have several years of experience producing fire risk assessments for small, medium and large sized organisations.

Our assessments prioritise actions and recommendations to ensure effective controls.

Failure to have an up to date fire risk assessment is a breach of the law. Coupled with the devastating losses that can occur in a fire, can you afford to wait?

Fire Safety and the Disability Discrimination Act 

Our Fire Risk Assessments consider the specific needs of disabled people in the event of a fire, following the latest government advice and best practice. We can identify and develop PEEP’s (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans) and conduct full DDA compliance audits to ensure that your practices and premises are safe.


DDA Audits (Equality Act access audits) 

The Equality Act 2010places a requirement on building owners to ensure that Disabled Persons Access audits are undertaken on specific types of buildings and that, where practical, alterations are made to accommodate the requirements of disabled people.

The Equality Act defines disability as follows; “A disability is a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on a person’s ability to carry out normal day to day activities”.

It follows therefore, that disabled people can have impaired hearing, sight, as well as mobility issues, all of which should be taken into consideration when preparing a DDA access audit.

Using a series DDA Assessments forms, Agility provide a full audit of your premises, leaving a prioritised action plan and recommendations.


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